On Education

Everyone deserves access to a quality education that will allow them to reach their full potential.

Quality Education is the keystone.

Quality Education is what attracts people to live here

Quality Education is what encourages people to invest here

Quality Education is what encourage our graduates to return here

To build their own families, and businesses.

Quality Education is the spark that ignites an economy, and the keystone for which the foundations of the future are built on



As a graduate of public schools, Meggan believes every child should have the same opportunity to an excellent education that she did. High-quality schools and a strong economy gives each of us our best chance to be successful. For too long, we’ve cut funding to our schools. Now is the time for us to invest again in our children’s futures and the future of our towns, villages, and cities. We need families to choose our communities as their homes, knowing their children will attend strong schools that will prepare them well for a future with our changing economy. We have a long and proud tradition of higher education here in central Pennsylvania, and I am committed to making sure that our students can afford to attend a four-year college or a vocational program. If we don’t make this a top-priority, we will lose our best and brightest students.


We need a fresh look at the public education system, from kindergarten through grade 12 to pre-K through college. We have to level the playing field and that's going to take access to education and opportunity to work. We need to commit to 16 years of free public education for all our children.


Broaden educational opportunities for Pennsylvanians beyond a traditional 4 year college by improving access to community colleges, trade schools, and nanodegrees.


Allow Pennsylvanians who commit to working in in-demand fields and in underserved communities the chance to graduate debt free.

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