On Fixing I-83 & Traffic

With proper management, enforcement, and without raising taxes.

I-83 in Southern York has been shut down because of an accident in-between Glen Rock and Loganville on an almost bi-weekly basis.  PennDot last year recoated the surfaces in the hopes of reducing accidents, but it has not worked.  Bids are out on resurfacing the entire highway from Exit 10 to the MD border which is expected to start this Spring.  I think these are great band aids but don’t solve the underlying issues of congestion and safety.

Take the Exit 4 interchange in Shrewsbury as an example there was a mini study on the interchange in 2015 and best-case scenario is that we begin construction in 2019 with completion in 2021.  We need to find ways to run through the permitting and funding process to expedite projects that are of critical need, delays only slow down opportunities for growth in our communities. The 4 years it takes to begin a project needs to be drastically reduced.

PennDot needs to be funded at levels that allow for quicker implementation of projects.  Right of way and utility clearance for the project in Exit 4 is over a year in length we need to examine the tasks required and work with the DEP and other agencies to shorten that time frame.  I think a task force should be created to examine the process and find improvements.

I would like to see studies on how Route 30 and 83 can be better integrated, ways to ease the entry and exit of vehicles on and off 83.  Some of our exit ramps such as NB onto Queen Street are scary.  I would like to have traffic engineers come up with the most innovative and cost effective plans to make short term improvements while we work on a 50 year plan for our community.

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