On Our Aging Population

Seniors of the 93rd have built the families, communities, and businesses we now enjoy.

We owe it to them to honor and protect the commitment we made to care for them through Social Security and Medicare. 

We will advocate for changes that will enhance these programs, such as increasing or eliminating Social Security’s cap on taxable income. We can and we will make sensible adjustments to Social Security to ensure the program’s sustainability and improve its benefits, and I will make achieving these goals one of my highest priorities.

  • It is vital that we safeguard the benefits Pennsylvanians have worked their entire lives to earn by protecting Social Security.
  • Improve access to healthcare for Seniors by exercising appropriate oversight over the Medicare program and decreasing waste by combatting fraud.
  • Ensuring prescription drug prices are affordable and eliminating the Two-Midnight rule and opposing the Government Pension Offset.
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